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A provincial town of some 6,000 people, Samos has surprising little to offer the tourist, given its size.

The road north out of Samos Town leads almost immediately to the upmarket Kalami suburbs where most holiday hotel accommodation can be found.

Most notable are a dozen or so bronze griffin heads.

A Byzantine museum is located n the former Bishop's Palace - worth a visit to see the icons, some 18th century silver bibles and the bizarre cast of St George's footprint.

These days, adult performers know the value of social media, not only for connecting with their fan base, but for building a brand and expressing their real views about the industry.

Depending on where they’re positioned within it will affect just how ‘real’ they are, but the most independent-minded and creatively engaged – people like Vex Ashley or Stoya – are consistently open and expressive about their vision for their work and what they enjoy doing with their bodies.

‘Independently-made porn that gives importance to the performers and to their sexual expression often shows sex in a context that avoids cliches such as certain stereotyped body shapes, repetitive, mechanically-performed sexual acts or reactions that sound and look predictable or staged.

Once you’ve seen porn when the people in it are enjoying what they are doing, you know, you will always recognise it. Like going to the supermarket hungry, searching for ethical porn when you’re horny isn’t likely to result in a nutritious video haul.

Samos is a big island and road trips to outlying holiday resorts can be wearily long.