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Railway station for two online dating

The total track length is 7.53 kilometers with a steepest gradient of 1 in 5.5 (or 1 meter rise every 5.5m travelled).

The Snowdon track was designed in Switzerland in 1895 meaning that the track and rolling stock are metric.

The track gauge is 800mm or 2ft 71/2 inches between the rails.

There are seven different types of rack and pinion systems for railways but by far the most popular worldwide is the Abt system as used at Snowdon. The Rack at Snowdon utilises a pair of toothed racks offset by one tooth and two driven axles on each locomotive, each axle with a pair of pinions.

This ensures that there are two teeth fully engaged at all times to increase safety.

These new coaches have been designed and built in the UK by a partnership between Garmendale Engineering Limited of Ilkeston, Derbyshire and the Hunslet Engine Company, to a performance specification defined and project managed by the Railway.

Not only do the carriages boast higher levels of passenger safety, space and comfort, but the manufacturing process is a world first in the rail industry.

The rack and pinion system used is that patented by the Swiss engineer Dr Roman Abt.

The railway uses double rack rails, fastened to steel sleepers between the running rails.

Rather than a revolutionary design, the bogies represent an incremental improvement to an existing design that has been in passenger service since 1986 and latterly improved in 2006 on the old carriage number 10 and the summit project flatbed truck.

In this way Hunslet have built on a solid safety record but improved the performance of this safety critical piece of equipment.

The new carriages also have a stunning new livery which will be reflected on the diesel locomotives that will power them up the mountain.