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I have a friend—not a dwarf—who's an alchemist of sorts.

With tons of information out there about the man, here are some notable pieces of information you should know about him — including his affinity for old man sweaters. The 4'5" actor was born in Morristown, New Jersey on June 11, 1969 (making him 44-years-old) to Diane, an elementary school music teacher, and John Carl, a retired insurance salesman.

He was born with achondroplasia, which is a common cause of dwarfism where the body is formed perfectly but the long bones in the arms and legs, those that are modeled in cartilage, don't grow very long. Dinklage is of German, English and Irish descent, and is related to the German Westphalian noble family "von Dincklage." 3.

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The International Surfing Federation staged the first ever World Surfboard Championships on Manly Beach in Sydney in 1964.

This is obviously where takes a detour from history, but it would be taking an even bigger detour from common sense if it never acknowledged Rufus Sewell’s chemistry with Jenna Coleman. Lord M turns down Victoria’s proposal, claiming to be hung up on the memory of his late wife: “Like a rook, I mate for life.” As his friend Lady Emma (Anna Wilson-Jones) later points out to the queen, that’s a convenient excuse, and it doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

Melbourne admits as much when he dances with Victoria at a costume ball. He dresses as the Earl of Leicester, Elizabeth’s companion. “I think both he and the queen understood that they were not in a position to marry,” Lord M says, “whate’er their inclination.” He really does elide a syllable in “whatever.” Someone’s getting into character.

Given her drunken confession at the coronation ball, it’s clear that Victoria’s feelings for Lord M started to shift quickly, but until now, she never seriously considered marrying him. He’s talking about Prince George, Cumberland’s nephew — and thus Cumberland’s hot new power play, now that he’s abandoned his plan to convince everyone that Victoria is unfit to serve.