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Martin mcdonagh dating

was one of the best reviewed films in Venice this year and already has critics buzzing about it as a top awards-season contender.

When you are writing someone like that, it’s exciting for you because you never know what she is going to do next and you never know how people are going to react to her. She’s fighting for the right reasons, but could be seemingly dangerous at any point.

There is something freeing about writing a woman who is that different and that strong. I can’t imagine anyone else but Frances being able to play that kind of integrity and vulnerability and to have dexterity with the humor, but not to play it for laughs.

But I think it’s great that all these things are coming out and these people are falling off their pedestals.

Women are going to be a lot safer and that’s going to be better for everyone.” It’s a wintry day but London-Irish writer-director Martin Mc Donagh is in sunny form. In a few weeks he’s bound for New York to begin rehearsals for , his award-winning play about an executioner in the days before the abolition of capital punishment in the UK.

He first met Rockwell while casting a play, and though that didn’t pan out, was thrilled to cast him in .” Rockwell is being talked up for a nomination (as is Mc Dormand) for his complex turn as a racist police officer, managing to suggest a man whose hate is learned and can be unlearned. “I think [in Rockwell and Mc Dormand’s characters] you see the rage and the anger and all of that stuff we’re feeling now.

I guess I’m more hopeful that we’re going to step back from rage) opening in New York in January, and plans to debut another in London next year. I’m going to keep going back and forth,” said Mc Donagh, who thinks it will be another four years until his next film.

This time we had to make sure that it didn’t tip over into humor, pure humor or silly humor. And that was easy, especially with Frances, we just had to keep true to her journey, her story.