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These are not interpretations of Krishna that we find to be important in Gnosis.

Many Westerners think the Bible is one of the longest writings in humanity, and one of the oldest, but it is neither.

Hinduism has both the oldest and the longest writings.

So, they have reduced the character or symbol of Jesus to something related with family life, something very simple, which does not communicate the entirety of this Divine symbol.

Vishnu is just a symbol of an aspect of the Divine that reaches out in order to help humanity.

Today we are going to study one of the most important representations of Divinity in the Hindu tradition: Krishna.

Krishna is, like in any religion, a character or a symbol that has many different aspects, different meanings, different levels of importance and different interpretations.

One of the most beautiful characteristics of the Hindu tradition is its recognition that God is ultimately nameless and formless, but as an expression of love, the Divine takes different forms and appearances in order to aid humanity.