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This was the master of Lorenzo Costa, whose student was our Lodovico Mazzolino.

There is something touchingly nave in the way Mazzolino painted all the small figures in various attitudes full of movement.

Moses and the Hebrews stand on the bank of the Sea of reeds, to the right.

Yahweh then said to Moses that he would inflict one more plague on Pharaoh, after which the king surely would let Israel go away. The Israelites did as Yahweh had told them, asked the Egyptians for silver and golden jewellery, and clothing. The Israelites had stayed in Egypt four hundred and thirty years.

Yahweh said that at midnight he would pass through Egypt and all the Egyptian first-born would die, from the first-born of Pharaoh, heir to his throne, to the first-born of the slave-girl at the mill and all the first-born of the livestock. Thus the frightened Egyptians were plundered as Yahweh had predicted. Moses had taken with him the bones of Joseph, since Joseph had made the Israelites swear a solemn oath to be buried in Canaan .

Mazzolino inverted this composition when we compare it to the picture of the Sistine Chapel.

Moses stretches out his arm and he holds the staff that Yahweh gave him to perform his miracles.

Moses led Israel away from the Sea of Reeds and into the desert of Shur.