Start Is loko and poolie dating site

Is loko and poolie dating site

BTW Iris said if she wins she will renovate her mother's house and buy a house for her and Mpho.

Oh but if our BBM desires are dat Iris/Kat win da moola, I want to borrow Boogs' lingo,"i'd rather chew glass than vote for those two"!

Hehehehehe Vote 4 Mandla pookie, u know u want to deep down.......Haai that is all kak kak nonsense....mandla still has a girl waiting at home.

Mandla jumped into his bed and Kat jumped into her own, but after the former expressed how difficult it was for him to fall asleep, the ever-helpful Kitty Kat offered her services, free of charge.

Yaz...izolo i was watching repeat eviction show, shem mara the way mandla and lexi went all lovey dovey infront of helpless iris in the party room was very cold following poolie's departure who hugged all three of them goodbye.

All the "we are friends" statement was jus her insecurities.

I honestly believe they have a connection, it'll be sad if they don't end up together.

[email protected], gurrrrrrrrrl dis season we r not seeing eye to eye at all....