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They don’t tend to be very reliable at determining whether pleural fluid has cancer cells, because those cells aren’t concentrated into a metabolically active cancer ball (not a technical term), but are diluted in fluid that is not very metabolically active. We can get useful information by having patients get both types of scans and holding them side by side, seeing if an ambiguous lymph node or spot in the liver on makes it nearly certain that this person has progression of her cancer inside the chest wall (she had previously had this found at surgery, and then responded well to chemo afterward, with no residual nodules on her scans until this one).

Layers are laid down on top of each other, with the bottom layers laid down first and the top layers laid down last; therefore, the layers on the bottom are the oldest and the ones on the top are the youngest.

Dinosaur footprints, slug footprints, Australopithecus footprints and other footprints on top of any layer in the strata means that layer was at the top of the stack long enough for something to walk on top of it before it got covered by subsequent layers and hardened into solid rock.

The most metabolically active tissues have the greatest needs for sugar from the bloodstream, and when the sugar is labelled, the scans detect these areas as “, where higher numbers mean a higher metabolic rate.

While metabolic activity can be increased with inflammation, infection, and normal body activities (organs like heart, brain, and bowel have uptake normally from regular ongoing activity — this is NOT a bad thing) the reason we all care is that scans tend to pick up cancer, because cancer cells generally have greater metabolic activity and are dividing faster than most normal tissue.

The process of permineralization, where mineral deposits form internal casts of organisms, provides us with a vast quantity of fossils that give us an idea of the different forms life has taken in the past.

You will never find a Neanderthal bone in the same stratum as a Tyrannosaurus rex bone.

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These reasons will work from the general to the specific.

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Tyronnosaurus rexes weren’t alive at the same time; therefore, their stratum didn’t get laid down at the same time.