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However, he soon grows depressed over the fact that without someone to fight, his life as a supervillain no longer has any purpose.

He ends up spending most of the day there waiting for Tighten to show up, before going to his apartment.

By this time, Tighten has decided he would rather be a supervillain.

This makes Megamind and Minion the sole survivors of their planet.

On his way to Earth, he met an infant Metro Man, who was sent off of a neighbouring planet in a golden and better built escape pod.

Disgusted, Megamind provokes Tighten by revealing he is both the "space dad" and Bernard.

Utterly furious at the fact that Megamind was the "intellectual dweeb" who got Roxanne's affections, Hal attacks with a vengeance, however unlike Metro Man, has no qualms with outright killing Megamind, and Megamind is forced to flee for his life.

When the warden adamantly refuses, Megamind acknowledges his distrust but pleads for the chance to spare Roxanne from his enemy's hate.