Start Consolidating worksheets in excel 2016

Consolidating worksheets in excel 2016

In the above Match Rows Compare, the column Rep ID is specified as the column that the compare process should use to find matching rows in the Left and Right ranges.

You can also specify column number instead of name. The following table provides some guidance on which Compare Type to use based on the information you are trying to compare.

The example depicts that the compare process has found a match on "Rep2" in both the Left and Right ranges so it then continues and compares the other columns for Rep2 to check for differences.

A new Last Name is found for Rep2 along with a new Sales number and Last Sale date.

It's up to you if having the columns in the same position is important but in most cases it will be.

When using the Match Rows compare type for the compare process to find matching rows.

When creating a Match Rows Compare you must tell Compare and Merge how to match a row in the Left range with a row in the Right range.

You do this by specifying which column in the Left and Right range will have the same data value on both sides.

It will also find rows that are added, removed, and/or if there a duplicates rows in either the Left or Right ranges and merges these into the results.