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After that was the really awkward bit; she stormed into the cafeteria at lunch and confronted Dave, who hadn’t known. When she realised he couldn’t help, it really upset her and she burst into tears in the lunch room, surrounded by a bunch of very awkward people.

And now engaging in what sounds like a long-term snit over the whole thing? You address your concerns calmly and professionally, and if you’re this upset about the resolution (or lack of resolution), you move on — you don’t stick around behaving like this and shredding your own reputation.

She stormed into her manager’s office and complained how unfair it was.

Her manager told her she had signed a contract and just had to deal with it. Then she demanded he agree to lower his pay to less than hers, and he laughed in her face.

That’s a pretty good way to get herself fired, so you’ve got to wonder what she’s really going for here. They should sit down with her, discuss the pay situation, and make it clear that — however the pay situation is resolved — they need her to behave pleasantly and professionally at work, as well as work to repair the credibility with her team that’s probably pretty tattered right now.

They shouldn’t be letting this play out as a public drama that’s obviously impacting people all around her (like you and Dave). (And we haven’t even gotten into the friend in Finance who abused the confidential information her job gives her access to.) But the one who’s behaving the worst is Debbie — this is the kind of behavior that gives someone a reputation that’s hard to shake.

The office is in a kind of turmoil now, I’m friends with both of them.

Debbie is really upset, her work is suffering and her relationship with her manager has disintegrated.

This wasn’t a problem until about 8 months later, when one of the Debbie’s friends joined the company and started working in finance.