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After finishing year 6 at primary he went straight to University.

Student Sarah Scheffler was cycling past bushes in the early hours of July 4 when she stopped to check her wheels, spotted blood on the ground, found the victim, and alerted police.

It is the only science where you can prove what you say is correct.

‘It is so easy and an enjoyable subject to study.’ Proud father Moussa Asley, 53, who raised him single-handedly at their home in Leicester, said his son had been made welcome by staff and students alike.

He may be younger than their children but one of Britain’s brainiest children has been hired by a university to help adults with their sums.

Yasha Asley, 14, is employed by the University of Leicester - where he is also a degree student - to run tutorials.

‘No more school uniform for me thank you very much.’ Yasha, who has been dubbed a ‘human calculator’, is now in his final year and plans to start a Phd when he finishes his course.

The child genius attended a state primary school before winning his place to study degree level maths at just 12 years old in 2014.

Proud Yasha said: ‘I am having the best years of my life.